What’s in my Bag? … (Case)

What is in my bag! Well, I actually have a case at the moment (Pelican 1170).







Pelican is a hard case company that has made cases for technology for decades. They make Rack Cases for Professional Audio/Visual hardware, as well as various other cases for transporting very expensive and delicate technologies, etc…

This particular case has an interior dimension of 10.54″ x 6.04″ x 3.16″ without foam. All this to say they are about as robust as you can get … You can throw it across the room!


  1. Sandblasted Blowfish (English Blends)
  2. Comoy’s of London Pouch (w/ C&D’s Snug Harbor)
  3. Sandblasted Apple (Virginia Blends)
  4. Plastic zip-locked bag (Peter Stokkebye’s Luxury Twist Flake)
  5. Rusticated Dublin (Aromatic Blends)
  6. Horse Hide Pouch (Personal Aromatic Blend of Lane Ltd. and Stokkebye)
  7. 8Deco Tamper
  8. Bic Lighter

FullSizeRender 8_Fotor_Fotor








Highly recommended for keeping smells in when you’re borrowing your wife’s car, walking through the rain to your smoke shop, or waiting for your lunch break at a construction site where who knows what might fall!

Cheers, John