Sandblasted Apple


We’ve become enamored with the more danish shapes lately, and that’s shown itself in the last few months in the form of apples, brandies, acorns, etc. The Danes really figured out what shapes were the most enjoyable to smoke. As young pipe makers, it was very tempting (especially at the beginning) to try and invent new shapes, completely redesign existing ones, and put your own flair into pipe shapes. The reality is that you impart your own flavor regardless of your intentions, and usually the result of those experiments would end with a real turd of a pipe. There are definitely times to push boundaries, experiment, and explore. But those times are rare, and must be informed by the years of practice with simpler pipes.

This particular pipe comes in the form of a squat apple. While it is fairly simple, it has a number of elements that add depth and complexity: the matching smooth rim and shank face, the hard line of the fading tear drop shank, and the use of copper to reinforce the military mount stem.

The price is $425, please email us at for more information.