Salsa making

This post is a little tangential to our usual pipemaking, but I thought it might be a little interesting since it’s the season for it.

I planted a small little garden this year, and it’s done really well. There were 8 Jalepenos, 8 Bell Peppers, some banana peppers, a habanero, a row of arugula, and a row of lettuce.



When I need a break from pipemaking, or I lack inpspiration, I usually just pop out to the garden and get a little messy. Something interesting is always happening in nature, and in a garden, something always needs attending to. It’s a different part of the brain, and it usually helps tremendously.

Needless to say, I’ve harvested a LOT of peppers over the summer, and I thought that a few pictures of my last batch of salsa might inspire some of you to go out and do a little gardening of your own.