A note about weekends


pipe with beer

All too often, I find myself wondering how it’s been so long since I really enjoyed a pipe. We have a smoke free policy in our shop (that is, smoking freely), and so both John and I smoke while we work, and that’s quite pleasant. But sometimes I realize that it’s been a week or more since I actually sat down with no intentions except to smoke. There’s always something that distracts me: some commitment, some family function, some chore, some email. All of these things are, of course, wonderful. It’s just surprising that as a pipemaker, I rarely follow my own advice, and simply sit down and smoke. No funny business, just me and the tobacco.

Please take the time to smoke this weekend. If you can’t bring yourself to do it for your own sake, do it for us. It will make us happy. We’ll join you in this, we’ll all have a beer, and the world will get a little more pleasant.

Cheers, Jared