Often times, we start a few pipes at the same time, and in a similar style. There are a few reasons for this. We can riff on a shape in real time to refine it, we can send the same shape to several destinations, and we can speed up the process by taking those similar pipes through the steps at the same time. Usually this results in fairly different pipes, just because the briar can have a high variability. This time, though, they came out very close.

We really like this shape, and we’re really pleased with how they turned out.


J&J Pipes

This is our original video we made. It tells you about who we are and why we do what we do. If you haven’t seen it yet, do!


Pipe Smoking Speech!

As I mentioned last week, here is the speech I presented in my “Ancient Rhetoric” class at a Conservative Christian University about Pipe Smoking.

Here is the PDF to read:

Pipe smoking Final

Here is a video of me giving the speech:

Cheers and Enjoy!


Coffee and Nicotine in California

I once wrote a speech in my “Ancient Rhetoric” class in College on pipe smoking. In it I compared Nicotine to Caffeine. I have often referred to the effects of nicotine’s addictiveness and poisonousness to caffeine. If you drank a pure ounce of Nicotine or Caffeine you would probably die! (I will post the speech next week for those interested.)

In Europe, Cigarette packs have “SMOKING KILLS” all over it. In the U.S. we have a milder warning label system, but still very negative. Cigarettes vs. Pipe Tobacco is its own debate. However, Pipe Tobacco has a simple label in California that says:

“This Product Contains/Produces Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer, And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.”

I have been to a few hotels in California with a swimming pool that had a similar warning. After Starbucks banned its patios for tobacco use, I have not frequented there often. But, today I forgot my coffee at home and saw this:


FullSizeRender 2_Fotor


Thank you California!!!

Cheers, John


I usually don’t go in much for churchwardens. They require you to sit and really pay attention; no more walking, working or typing.

About a month ago, a friend returned a pipe to us that we had made for him. He was taking a break from smoking for health reasons, and since he’s local, he’ll just grab it if he needs it again. It’s quite a long pipe, and I was looking at it sitting there on the shelf, and I couldn’t resist.

Longer pipes really do offer some cooling effect on the smoke, and give a different experience with smoking. If you don’t have a longer pipe, please go grab one (or us make you one!)

Cheers, Jared


Salsa making

This post is a little tangential to our usual pipemaking, but I thought it might be a little interesting since it’s the season for it.

I planted a small little garden this year, and it’s done really well. There were 8 Jalepenos, 8 Bell Peppers, some banana peppers, a habanero, a row of arugula, and a row of lettuce.



When I need a break from pipemaking, or I lack inpspiration, I usually just pop out to the garden and get a little messy. Something interesting is always happening in nature, and in a garden, something always needs attending to. It’s a different part of the brain, and it usually helps tremendously.

Needless to say, I’ve harvested a LOT of peppers over the summer, and I thought that a few pictures of my last batch of salsa might inspire some of you to go out and do a little gardening of your own.