Welcome to J&J Artisan Pipes

1656068_715411978493003_2131593705_nJ&J Artisan Pipes consists of John Klose and Jared Coles.  We are a pair of pipe makers who use collaboration and criticism to achieve high levels of beauty and creativity. Working in the same workshop everyday challenges us to become better with every pipe. When each pipe is done, we sit down together and think deeply about whether or not it is a successful pipe, so only the best pipes are sold.


We hand craft pipes in the shade of the central Sierra Nevada of California, near Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, where we get a lot of inspiration. They are made from fine materials from around the world, including some of our favorite accent woods local to the Sierra Nevada, such as Manzanita and Orange wood. We take commissions and have pipes available here on the website, as well as several retailers.